Who are the Warriors?

Since the band’s beginnings, the Mutron Warriors have been dedicated to heavy, raw, adrenaline-fueled funk and sweat-dripping soul.  Formed in 2006 as a trio, the band has steadily expanded its roster and evolved its sound deeply rooted in funk and soul.  Over the past several years the Mutron Warriors have become a staple in regional festivals and clubs, and has built a reputation of being the go-to band for those seeking music delivered with a punch; this band delivers night in and night out.

The Mutron Warriors cut its teeth playing its own takes on tracks from the likes of The Meters, P-Funk, James Brown, and many more.  Originally built around the vocal styles of Ithaca DJ Brian Mlodzinski, aka djGourd, the group explored genres and drew inspiration from the road already paved by the rich history of the 60s and 70s funk and soul movement.  Now, with the soulful and powerful vocals of Stephanie Agurkis, the band has tirelessly crafted its sound to be the live juggernaut that can do it all.  The band creates a dynamic sound and experience that has continuously left audiences wanting more, and coming back time and time again to share in the experience of a Mutron show.

Now with ten members to round out their sound, the Mutron Warriors perform regularly in the Ithaca area to rave reviews. This fresh funk has fans begging for more.

The Warriors are:

Stephanie Agurkis, vocals
Brian Mlodzinski, guitar and vocals
Dara Anissi, guitar
Alec Staples, sax
Bob McMahon, trumpet
Elliot Mangini, trombone
Mike Yowhan, keys
Ashley Ickes, drums
Jorge Cuevas, percussion
Andrew Battles, bass


Past Warriors:

Chuck Janvrin, Stefan Myers, Mark Wienand, Jamie Yaman, Adam Gold,     Greg Evans, Matt Lowe, Lee Hamilton, Will Sigel